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Welcome to The Signing Company’s Signing Zone!

Welcome to The Signing Company’s Signing Zone!


Discover the world of British Sign Language (BSL) with our exciting Signing Portal.

Our signing portal is a great tool for introducing you and your child to the wonderful world of BSL signs. With a variety of helpful and entertaining videos, our signing bank will guide you on a journey through everyday vocabulary. Start your learning journey today and discover the benefits and joys of signing. Suitable for everyone, whether new to signing or fluent in BSL, from birth to 101.


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Enhance Your Learning Experience with Our Membership-Based Platform offering a variety of resources that can help you learn. You can try out the first 20 BSL signs, 3 Signed Stories, and 3 signed songs for free. If you want to access our complete range of content, you can opt to subscribe at any time.


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  • All BSL signs videos (from our ever growing library)
  • All Signed Stories (coming soon!)
  • All Signed Songs including tutorials (from our ever growing library)
  • 26 videos on Signing Letters and the ABC videos.
  • Downloadable Colouring sheets (coming soon!)
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